Cloakroom Advisors complements our substantial relationships with Members of Congress with both a planner’s and a political operative’s tactical approach to solving client problems and helping them achieve their goals.

Utilizing three decades plus of experience in managing government operations, guiding a large federal government affairs firm, devising political strategies, shepherding political campaigns and supporting legislative processes, we provide a high value vertical to any public affairs team as they strive to assure success for client initiatives.

We are a consultancy dedicated to helping clients fulfill specialized and critical needs in their approach to influencing and impacting federal policymaking. Built around the principals’ credentials our services include: fulfilling gaps in coverage for key Congressional targets, the development of legislative strategies, being “of counsel” to existing government affairs teams to leverage their capabilities, coordinating public affairs and government affairs coalitions, and adding force multiplier capabilities via a network of independent professionals. In addition, we provide non-lobbying services to organizations that seek to develop a better understanding of policy makers, the environment within which they operate, and the influencers who impact their decision making process.

Our relationships are enhanced by accumulated political insights and the ability to develop effective legislative and public affairs strategies. At Cloakroom, we believe client strategies must include a strong and thorough understanding of how partisan agendas complicate movement of any issue within the U.S. federal policy realm, and appreciation for the role of key players in determining the fate of policy initiatives.